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Miduino Programming Problems


Programming Problems:


When programming the Miduino disconnect the MIDI IN cable. 


The Miduino might not start if it receives data directly after a reset, because the bootloader thinks you want to upload a new progam. You might need to unplug the midi-hardware until the board is running your program. Switching the power supply OFF and then ON can reset the chip and start the new program.


Make sure the power supply link-switch is in the correct position if using USB power option.


Did you install the FTDI USB drivers?

Sometimes you need to select the correct COM port in the Arduino software. Go to TOOLS and SERIAL PORT and try different COM ports if they are available.

Also the board used should be the Diecimila. Go to TOOLS and BOARD.

Sometimes you will need to set a parameter with your serial port to get the serial port to produce the required reset signal.
Device Manager -> Com Ports -> USB Serial Port -> Port Settings -> Advanced button -> Set RTS On Close