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This is a simple MIDI project, utilizing the MIDI Arduino design, to detect an incoming MIDI signal and light the LED on pin D13 of the Arduino board. The MIDI signal is also re-transmitted to the MIDI OUT socket. This allows the unit to be used inline between MIDI OUT and MIDI IN sockets.


Anyone who has ever tried to connect various pieces of MIDI controlled equipment together will understand the difficulty of not knowing when MIDI data is being transmitted down a MIDI cable. 


However a portable detector would be  most useful when connecting up unfamiliar equipment in an external environment, so this design, utilizing the  MIDI Arduino  is a  battery powered, stand-alone, microcontroller unit.






PRICE:  €45.00





The MIDI Detector unit utilizes:

  • A  MIDI Arduino  including a suitable pre-programmed Atmega microcontroller,
  • A 2.1mm power socket, and associated LED, 
  • A MIDI 5-pin DIN input socket,
  • A MIDI 5-pin DIN output socket,
  • The circuit schematic is available,



The MIDI Detector unit also requires:

  • A 9v battery or equivalent DC power source



The unit detects either MIDI System messages or Channel Messages. Complete MIDI data information is available here.







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The MIDI IN and OUT connectors use  5-Pin 180 degree DIN sockets. Note that the MIDI IN/OUT wiring is polarised and the correct pins should be used.