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Special Dualboot Arduino MIDI Uno Board.


Special Dualboot Arduino MIDI Uno Board.

The ATmega16U2 chip on the Arduino Uno board acts as a bridge between the computer's USB port and the main processor's serial port. It runs software called firmware that can be updated through a special USB protocol called DFU (Device Firmware Update).    


On this special Dualboot Arduino MIDI Uno Board the ATmega16U2 USB/Serial chip has been flashed with dual boot firmware that allows the Uno to boot-up in standard Arduino mode or as a USB MIDI device, depending on a jumper between pins 4 and 6 of the ICSP connector for the USB interface. 


By replacing the original firmware on Mega16U2, the Arduino Uno will act as USB-MIDI device (Standard Midi Class), you don’t need to install additional device drivers on Windows, MaxOSX, and Linux, as the firmware acts as a device of Standard Midi Class. It will automatically install on the system as an Audio USB Device.






Special Dualboot Arduino MIDI Uno Board.

ITEM#: Dualboot ArduinoUno

PRICE:  €25.00






If you wish to use the Arduino IDE you can place a jumper between pins 4 and 6 ( as shown in photo below) of the  ICSP connector for the USB interface. Then unplug your board and plug it back in. You can check this by looking in the serial port menu of the Arduino software. You serial COM port should appear. With the jumper, Arduino-serial mode is initiated. You can use the Arduino IDE to program the Mega328 on the Uno. Just remove the jumper if you want the unit to operate in USB/MIDI mode.






So you can develop a MIDI program and upload it to the arduino when the unit is set to Arduino Mode and then remove the jumper, re-power/reset the unit and run/test the MIDI program using the USB/MIDI mode.




Pins on the Arduino Uno: