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MIDI Channel Changer/Combiner

The MIDI Channel Changer/Combiner can be used to combine MIDI channels (1-16) onto a single MIDI output channel.  (read more)

MIDI Channel Filter 

Allows one channel to operate a particular sound module/synthesiser, while filtering out the other MIDI channel data. (read more)

MIDI Channel Filter Converter

The MIDI Channel Filter Converter unit can be used to reduce MIDI throughput by removing all unwanted MIDI Channel and MIDI System messages and ONLY allowing the required MIDI NOTE ON and MIDI NOTE OFF messages to be passed THRU and converted/changed to their required MIDI Channel. (read more)

MIDI Realtime Filter The MIDI Realtime Filter can be used to block MIDI Channel messages (eg Program Change etc) but allows MIDI Realtime messages (eg MIDI Time Code (MTC), Start, Stop, Continue and Timing Clock messages) to pass. (read more)
MIDI Volume Control

Output a MIDI Volume control signal when a foot pedal variable potentiometer is adjusted.. (read more)

MIDI Volume Control Filter

The MIDI Volume Control (Control Change CC7) Filter can be used to prevent a CC7 volume from sending duplicate messages, where the previous message equals the new message... (read more)

MIDI Pitch Transposer

The MIDI Pitch Transposition unit can be used to shift the pitch of a MIDI note by up to +7 or -7 semitones, on all MIDI channels except Channel 10 ( the drum channel). (read more)

MIDI Octave Expander

The MIDI Octave Expander is used to expand a MIDI note to add an Octave above and/or an Octave below, so as to increase the overall sound... (read more)

MIDI 2 Octave Transposer

The MIDI 2 Octave Transposer is used to transpose a MIDI note to  an Octave above or an Octave below. It is MIDI Channel (1 to 16) dependent... (read more)

MIDI 6 Octave Transposer

The MIDI 6 Octave Transposer can be used to extend the note range for a small note range MIDI keyboard or pedalboard... (read more)

MIDI Filter Control Change to Program Change

The MIDI Filter Control Change to Program Change unit can be used as a midi controller that can convert MIDI Control Change (CC) messages to MIDI Program Change messages for switching effects in real-time... (read more)

 Program Change Filter

This Program Change Filter is designed to block only a Program Change equal to a previous similar Program Change.... (read more)