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Potentiometers to MIDI Control Change (CC)



Potentiometers to MIDI Channel Change 


Potentiometers to MIDI Controller Change 

The 6 poteniometers are wired to the 6 analogue inputs of the Arduino board. The program is designed to output 6 associated controller values. These values can be assigned in MIDI programmes e.g. Reason, Live, Sonar, Cubase etc. to control various parameters within these programmes. (Read more)

36 Analogue Inputs and 40 Switch Inputs to MIDI Control Change (CC) Out 

This unit allows up to 36 analogue inputs (with a range from 0 to 5 volts), and up to 40 switch inputs, to produce selectable MIDI Control Change (CC) output commands. (Read more)

48 Analogue Inputs & 96 Switch Inputs & 6 Rotary Encoders to MIDI Note On/Off Out  

This unit allows up to 48 analogue inputs (with a range from 0 to 5 volts), and up to 96 switch inputs, and 6 rotary encoders to produce MIDI Note On/Off output commands....(read more)