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MIDI Program Change 1 to 128

The MIDI Program Change Commands can change the sound/voice in a MIDI sound module/synthesiser. (read more)

MIDI 16 Switches/LEDs Program Change unit

There are 16 momentary action switch inputs which work in parallel with 16 output LEDs to display the MIDI Program Change number 1 to 16. (read more)

MIDI 16 Switches/LEDs Program Change and MIDI IN/OUT  unit

There are 16 switch inputs and 16 output LEDs and a MIDI IN/OUT board. (read more)

MIDI 36 Switches Program Change unit

The MIDI Program Change Commands are usually used to change the sound/voice in a MIDI sound module/synthesiser. However this design uses the MIDI Program Change commands to control a MIDI Video Switcher, the Arkaos Grand VJ which stores and plays video files. (read more)

MIDI Program Change Filter

This unit allows the use  of a synthesiser/keyboard as a "master program selector" without the notes played on the main keyboard transmitting to a secondary synthesiser/module. (read more)

MIDI 8-Way Program Change 

This project uses MIDI Program Change Commands  to operate an 8-way changeover relay units allows lights, guitar effects units etc. to be switched on and off and the sequence to be stored in real-time to a MIDI sequencer. (read more)

MIDI Program Change Translator

This MIDI Program Change translator can change incoming Program Change numbers to different outgoing Program Change numbers on a specific MIDI Channel (1 to 16) selected by the 4-way DIP switch. Program Change numbers on the other non-selected MIDI Channels are unaffected. (read more)

MIDI Foot-Pedal  to Program Change Controller 

This custom foot pedal design is used to change MIDI Program Change Commands (0 to 8) to control a TC Electronic G-Major 2 rack processor.

Also there is an output LED associated with each of the 9 Program Change commands.(read more)