MIDI Music Products and Projects

The MIDI Music Kits use a combination of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) using the MIDI IN/OUT assembled board, and the Arduino microcontroller assembled boards, which use the  ATmega microcontroller. Each product comes with a pre-programmed Atmega microcontroller pre-loaded with the required project. Some of the MIDI Kits have a direct MIDI OUT connector, via suitable series resistors, where no MIDI IN is required.


Price: €15.95

The MIDI IN/OUT board can be used with any microcontroller which contains a UART, including the Arduino ATmega, PIC etc. microntrollers, to send and receive MIDI messages.

MIDI/USB Bass Pedal Encoders

Prices from: €45.95

Generally pedalboards range in size from 13 notes on small organs to 32 notes on church or concert organs, some electronic organs and many older pipe organs have 25-note pedalboards.

MIDI/USB Keyboard Encoders

Prices from: €45.95

MIDI keyboards come in a range of sizes, from 25 keys (two octaves) to full 88-key length.

MIDI Channel Changer/Combiner

Price: €54.95

The MIDI Channel Changer/Combiner can be used to combine MIDI channels (1-16) onto a single MIDI output channel.

MIDI Channel Filter

Price: €54.95

The MIDI Channel Filter can be used to reduce MIDI throughput by removing MIDI System mesages. Also it allows one channel to operate a particular sound module/synthesiser, while filtering out the other MIDI channel data.

MIDI Decoder Outputs

Prices from: €69.95

These units utilizes MIDI Note ON/OFF data to control LEDS, Relays, Transistors, Triacs, etc. to switch Lights, Motors, etc. when combined with suitable output circuitry